Elsta Mosdorfer, member of the Knill Gruppe, is a reliable partner within the field of electrical energy distribution and the industrial control and automation engineering sector since 1972. We offer a wide range of distribution boxes for many applications with a high functionality, durability, modularity from the equipment and a perfect price / performance ratio.

The new dynamic electric mobility market has special standards and technical requirements which need specific solutions. The attention of designers of systems for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles has to turn especially to the selection of suitable components and to the compliance of electric protective measures.

Elsta Mosdorfer is an innovative company which provides future-oriented solutions with the know-how from numerous systems installed during the last 4 decades.

For the electric mobility market we offer a wide range of solutions for the individual supply of e-charging stations, starting from the grid connection, to solutions for direct and indirect metering. We guarantee highest operational reliability in compliance with the latest standards and regulations for electric mobility.


High quality materials, mature production technologies and innovative solutions are the fundament of reliable systems for your specific application.

Our concept:

  • direct or indirect metering according to the standards and regulations of each utility
  • GSM or network connection (via switch or modem) and the communication between each charging station are included in the distribution board
  • wired ready for the connection and the easy and safe commissioning of the charging stations 
  • separate access for operators and the utility via individual doors and locking systems
  • increased attention to the selection of suitable components according to the compliance with EN61439-7 (RDF =1)
  • special attention on the thermal design and optimal positioning of each component of the distribution board
  • design verification of the switchgear assembly to show that the design fulfills the requirements of the applicable standard
  • definition of standardised and scalable solutions for technical and commercial clarity

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